League of Legends booth – Everyone trying to grab a free Teemo hat

League of Legends actually has “2” booths on the opening day, with 1 under Riot Games and the other part of the eSports stage. Prior to the matches, Riot employees were throwing a couple of those highly-sought Teemo hats, which I did not manage to get 🙁

I am not really sure why or what prizes were there, but I am kind of flabbergasted at why gamers are queuing up like 30 minutes for a round of League of Legends. There were 4 stations at the Riot booth, each with 12 PCs (2 spares) and the eSports stage was hosting the European qualifiers, featuring FNATIC and Curse. The new champion, Rengar the Pridestalker, was also available for play.

Update: A new champion, Syndra, was revealed in Riot Games’ business booth, far away from the public’s eyes. Korea’s ThisIsGame.com has an exclusive footage of the new character.