Cyphers – Marketing campaign invades the subway

While it is common for most Asian MMO companies to hold big launch events for their games, all these efforts will then go on a down-slide and eventually into obscurity. However, a couple of the big companies will still do marketing campaigns even after the game is launched, and here is Nexon. Promoting 1 of its newer games, Cyphers, Nexon has decorated part of a subway train in Seoul, South Korea with 3D effects art. Basically, it looks as if the ice ravine is real. The effect is to make passengers feel cooler in the current summer heat. Images from 1 of Korea’s biggest gaming website,

If you do not know, Cyphers is a 3D action MOBA. MOBA stands for multiplayer online battle arena, a term first coin by League of Legends’ developer, Riot Games. In Korea, this genre is more widely known as AOS, Aeon of Strife. Below are a couple of new characters added into Cyphers over the past few months. Peter will be added into the Korean server this coming 16th.


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