Bullet Run – First game impression

So, before Sony Online Entertainment brings out its big gun (PlanetSide 2) for official launch a few months down the road, we are getting a separate online shooter to prepare for it. This is Bullet Run, a game I have never heard of until a few weeks back and played for an hour today. I am not really getting the main appeal of this “Fame at any cost” thing, but rather relieved it is not yet another military shooter. Think of it as something near the All Points Bulletin (APB) vibe in terms of design.

There ain’t really many options when creating your character, since majority of the customizations actually happen in the Marketplace. This is where new clothes, costumes, weapons, upgrades etc are bought. It seems like a very popular option nowadays to have items being purchasable using both in-game currency or cash points.

I could only find 2 modes currently, Team Deathmatch and Dominion, which are pretty standard modes in most online shooters. Personally, I am not seeing the attraction listed in the game’s features list, as most are rather gimmicky and does not provide any new innovations for the genre. I mean, “Killer Community” is 1 of the game’s highlights? Hmn… Bullet Run is Free-to-Play, but other than the cash shop, players may subscribe to a Platinum Membership for more bonuses.