TERA – Free to Play server opens

This news was sent to my email on 21st June by Orestes , and I will like to apologize for being such a lazy ass when it comes to reading emails. TERA Korea is celebrating its latest update, Queen of Argon Part II, starting today. Queen of Argon is actually the monstrosity seen in the picture below. There are new maps, new equipment, skill overhaul for Lancer and Warrior, and more. Here are a couple of events going on:

1. Free to Play server: 4th July – 9th August 2012
There is a new server which allows players to level till 50 for free. Yes, pay nothing at all and get to enjoy all content up till level 50. After that, players can opt to transfer their characters to an official paid server. As the dates above suggest, this server will only be opened for a couple of weeks.
2. Free 30 days game time for new and ex-players, 50% more PvP honor points and20 medals per day per login (used to trade for equipment and various items from NPC).
3. Warrior gains a new defensive dual-sword block skill instead of having to dodge attacks, while Lancer gets increased survivability during solo PvE and PvP.
4.  Decreased leveling curve

5. Improved tailoring system, 1 of the crafting skills in the game

6. Prior to this mega update, there was also a server merge (again) last week. There are now 4 servers (5th is the Free to Play one) instead of the previous 15, which was shrunk down from an initial 35 (link). Thanks again to Orestes for correcting the error.