[ChinaJoy 2012] Soul Master going to China, English servers silent

First introduced to the English market back in 2010 under GamesCampus for the North American market, Soul Master was subsequently closed after the beta test phase as the Korean developers made the choice to rework the whole title. Around 2 years on, Soul Master is still missing from both North America and Europe, but the game will be at ChinaJoy 2012 as MMO company Guang Yu Games’ latest title.

Featuring non-target action combat, this cutesy looking game also has Real Time Strategy (RTS) elements as part of its core gameplay. Players will be able to control various units to fight along them. Soul Master pits 2 different factions against each other, one with innovative mind building steam machines  and gadgets, while the other faction believes in the mystic arts. However, several new NPC races started invading the lands, making sure chaos is everywhere.


  1. love the new look of the website!
    and on topic, the game didn t need to close for two years, maybe two or three months.

    • Well, the developers decided to heavily rework the game, adding lots of new content and changing a lot of inner working stuff such as how stats are calculated and stuff.

      Just from the ChinaJoy 2012 Trailer I watched, I could see new enemies, tons of new items and even new/upgraded skills.

      Here’s to hoping for a Autumn/Winter US release!

  2. If i’m not mistaken, there is another game server of Soul Master in Japan, by Arario which confirms a few more detail, such as 3 races, and each class character for one faction imo 😀 tq

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