[ChinaJoy 2012] Saint Seiya Online – Brief game details

First off, Perfect World got the license to develop this game from SEGA, unlike the various Saint Seiya online game clones found in China. Revealed sometime early last year, brief game details were revealed at ChinaJoy 2012, along with some in-game screenshots you are seeing in this post.

For its “movie-like” combat, there is grappling, throwing, air combos and some fighting styles I am unable to translate. The game’s Athena Engine is said to provide a “no-miss” and non-targeting system.


There will be various cut-scenes as well while progressing through Saint Seiya Online, with the CG animations said to provide players with a “comic” feel. The game environment and NPCs will change their actions and looks as well according to each player’s actions. Sounds promising, but still, there ain’t nothing shown yet.

For the Saint Clothes, or armor, it seems each players will get their own eventually. The armor will then progress and grow to different stages with the characters. Once again, it is not stated if players do start out as Bronze warriors.

Saint Seiya Online screenshot

Fans of the Saint Seiya series would know about the Cosmo power believed to be lay dormant in everyone. Once unleashed, it will grant that person with temporary enhanced powers, strength or abilities. The same logic is implemented in Saint Seiya Online, where Cosmo can be used to get out of sticky situations of just simply to boost attacks.

If death occurs, players may seek help from others in their friend list. Free revival will be available if rescued in time (pretty much like Guild Wars 2′s system, except this require a friend listed player).

Saint Seiya Online screenshot

For course, PvP will be in the game. Players may form different groups/ legions and challenge for territorial control and gain special bonuses for winning. This is essentially like a guild battle. There will be an arena-style PvP mode, in which the article states will be cross-server, featuring the warriors under Athena, Hades and Poseidon’s Mariners.

Does it mean players will get to choose factions? Well, let’s wait and see. Finally, an app for Saint Seiya Online will allow players to identify each other in real life, locating other nearby players. Not really sure if I am a fan of this system though…

Saint Seiya Online screenshot