Perfect World – New E3 2010 trailers for games revealed

Over at E3 2012, Perfect World is showcasing 2 of its upcoming titles to the crowd, namely Neverwinter and RaiderZ. Shoved back to the development board for the conversion to Free to Play (F2P) mode after buying out Cryptic Studios, Neverwinter seems to be ready for a release, or perhaps a beta, later this year.


RaiderZ has undergone 1 public alpha test so far, and the first impression given to me is not a bad one. I seriously can’t wait to see how much polishing and bug fixing they have done to the game for the next test phase.


Sadly, there is still no news for Swordsman Online, which was announced at E3 2010. The China server is scheduled to enter the beta phase late this year, so I am guessing it will still be sometime before the English version will be promoted again.