MapleStory – Exclusive class revealed

In what is a first for the various Asian servers scattered around the region, MapleStory Taiwan will be getting the first ever exclusive adventurer class, Dragon Warrior (directly translated as Dragon’s Descendant). This must be something to do with Nexon becoming Taiwan publisher Gamania’s biggest shareholder just recently… In case I forget, the China server (under Shanda) will be getting this update as well.

The story tells of a village attacked by the Black Mage, and before its destruction, the village head managed to send his son and daughter to safety via the seas.

A couple of the new class’s skill effects are shown below, with the final image showing a mighty golden dragon blasting the whole map~!

Here are some of the new NPC models revealed so far including a teaser poster for the China server (not Taiwan). I am not really sure if the English servers will be getting this new adventurer class, since there is no sign of the 2 Chinese servers getting the Justice class for now.