Crytek – All our future games to be F2P

[Source] Yes, you did not read the post title wrongly. Crytek, the studio behind the CryEngine and Crysis series, told Videogamer that the company will finish work on Crysis 3, Ryse, other confirmed games and transition into a Free to Play (F2P) only developer which focuses on online games. The decision, as said by CEO Cevat Yerli, is due to current premium services are ‘milking customers to death’.

Of course, this does not mean all CryEngine 3 games will be Free to Play, but only games developed by Crytek. Crysis 4 to go F2P and cross-platform, online? Well, not really a far fetch idea…Crytek is currently preparing Warface, a CryEngine 3 F2P online shooter for the English market. Trion Worlds, developer of RIFT, is said to be the official publisher of the title.