Blade & Soul – Early character numbers revealed

A few days back, Blade & Soul opened its character creation server for players to create and reserve their characters. This is for the upcoming Open Beta phase and each account is only limited to 1 character.

It is estimated that over 210,000 characters were made during the 2 days of event, which are spread over 13 servers. With 15,000 gaming cafes installed with the game, I wonder how the CCU will be on 21st June, the first day of Open Beta…


NCsoft’s CEO also left a personal message for all visitors to the current Blade & Soul website. In the letter, he described how everyone imagine themselves as heroes battling demons when younger, and he is of no exception.

He goes on to say how Blade & Soul will make this childhood dream come true for everyone and himself using their own unique way.

Blade & Soul Open Beta letter