Firefall – Level system removed for good

[Game website] In the latest developer diary, it was announced that the level system in Red 5 Studio’s Firefall will officially be discarded. This is apparently to accommodate a “much more organic system for player growth”. Experience points now earned will be directed towards upgrading other aspects of the character at the players’ discretion.

So, my personal opinion on this. While I know majority of the gamers will want to see the level system turned off for most MMOs due to grinding, I will seriously have to veto against this. How many of the gamers actually tried a MMO without a level system and enjoyed it?

After years of “grinding” in online games myself, the gradual step I hoped to see is the step of making the “grind” enjoyable, not just throwing the whole system out. It just makes me think the developers are using the easy way out. Leveling characters give players a sense of achievement, whether you like it or not. Once again, this is just my personal opinion, feel free to sound out against it.