Employees of 38 Studios hit with housing debt

[Source] I guess most of you would have read about 38 Studios closing, and that Project Copernicus (screenshots) will probably never see the light again despite a scheduled June 2013 release date (unless someone buy over the IP) of course. If the company closing down, along with subsidiary Big Huge Games is not enough, 379 employees were left jobless and some with mortgage debts.

You see, when 38 Studios was offered by the Rhode Island committee to move to the area with a USD 75 million loan assured back in 2010, many then-existing employees have to relocate to the area. 39 Studios offered a service to sell off their old homes for them. It seem this wasn’t done for some employees, and now they have 2 houses to pay mortgage for.Talk about rubbing salt on the wound.

I am not really sure how this works, but blame can be put on both 38 Studios’ management team and the Rhode Island council. There has always got to be Plan B to be placed in the locker, seeing that the company is basically using state and taxpayer money. Did Curt Schilling, the head honcho, weighed in the risks of such a business plan? He might be a good guy and boss in the staffs’ eyes, but that doesn’t mean he is competent in running a business, especially in such a volatile gaming industry.