Dragon Blade – New gameplay trailer

China’s number 2 MMO company, NetEase, is not shying away from naming Tencent’s upcoming Blade & Soul China as its main competitor. First revealed late in March, Dragon Blade so far has garnered mixed reviews, some claiming it to be a Blade & Soul clone while others managed to picked out small details which differentiate it from the NCsoft-developed title.

Nevertheless, I personally feel it is always good the have strong competition. A new Dragon Blade gameplay trailer was revealed just around an hour ago, so do take a look.


The trailer left me with quite some thoughts. It seems like a mixture of Blade & Soul in terms of design, TERA in open world non-target action combat, and perhaps even Aion at the ending sequence with the wings.

And not forgetting the trademark loli race which is in almost all “big” 3D online titles now. Still, Dragon Blade looks promising, I am certainly not discounting it yet.

Dragon Blade screenshot