[TG-UP 2012] Metro Conflict – China server announced

I think this should be the 6th or 7th online shooter currently in Tencent Games’ ever-expanding stable. And most of them are new and yet to be launched! These titles include Webzen’s BATTERY: Artic Wind and Crytek’s Warface.

Back to topic, Metro Conflict: Preston, developed by Korean studio Redduck, will be published in China by Tencent Games.


Redduck shot to fame with its first title, the popular A.V.A (Alliance of Valiant Arms). What is so special about Metro Conflict? Well, which other MMOFPS allows players to dual wield 2 different main guns? Not dual pistols mind you.

The graphics of Metro Conflict (Unreal Engine 3) was also praised by many in my YouTube trailers, with some comparing it to big shot titles like Modern Warfare and Battlefield, except that Metro Conflict is Free to Play.