[TG-UP 2012] Kritika – Officially announced for China

Less than 6 months after Tencent Games Carnival 2011 ended, China’s biggest online gaming company (and biggest multimedia company) is back with its 2012 media event, Tencent Games UP 2012. This is the event where upcoming strategies and new games for the rest of the year is announced. First up, although posted previously as a sketchy piece of news, Tencent Games finally revealed Kritika for the China region.


If you remembered, Kritika was first announced at Hangame eX 2011 (link). With Hangame eX 2012 canceled, I am guessing this has got something to do with the promise of launching the China server in by this year. Back to the game itself, Kritika is touted as the fastest-paced action MMO ever, and marketed in China as the “playable manga”. There are currently 3 races revealed, the Warrior, Thief and Magic Gunner.