[TG-UP 2012] Blade & Soul – Party skills revealed

So, some news for Blade & Soul China… Which got me really excited somehow. Ok, I am lazy to translate the whole presentation video seen below, but I will just translate the most important part which I think I have not read anywhere else.

How about some bonuses for being in parties? Which was the last MMORPG which actually gives parties bonuses base on classes and combinations?

Blade & Soul - Costume design

– There will be party skills in the game.

– Different skills will be available depending on the different class combination of the party.

– If previously your skills were unable to knock down big ass monsters (BAMs) or send them flying into the air to do some combos, you will be able to do so now with party skills.

– Even if 2 players are of the same class and same level with the same gears, the effect of the party skill will be different (not really sure what this meant).

The party skills section of the video is from 04:06 to 04:48.


The rest of the trailer talks about how NCsoft wants the game to succeed in China, hence the heavy China-inspired design path, along with how each class is designed using actual fighting styles and the fun of PvP while jumping across cliffs or running on the walls.

All in all, Blade & Soul is merging the traditional MMORPG storyline with the fast combat found in action games. Some other lame Western game I tried decided to merge storyline with voice acting instead. Argh. Blade & Soul China enters its first beta in August 2012.

Blade & Soul - Costume design


  1. “Blade & Soul China entered its first beta in August.”
    entered? in 2011? you meant enters / will enter didn't you?

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