Otherland – Gorgeously mind-boggling

[Game website] In all these years of me playing online games and writing about them, I was never stumbled by any in terms of how to describe them and understand the game concept by just a quick look at trailers and website descriptions. Otherland is the first game which made me scratch my head and go “What?” when I first tried to find out more about it. Crafted by Unreal Engine 3, the game really looks visually appealing and the latest trailer was what prompted me to start this post.

People were saying it is like Second Life, others told me it is like a 3D Ultima Online in a cyberpunk world, and others were saying it is really Pokemon Online (joking). Being gifted with the talent of extreme laziness, I did not actually bother snooping around the forums, but instead rely on the 2 developer trailers below for more information. I am 50% convinced by the trailers, but I hope to see some actual combat footage with the UI attached in the near future.