Taiwanese man dies after 23 hours of gaming

It is not common for me to post about gaming-related deaths and accidents, but the way this unfortunate gamer passed away is something I would really like to share and warn you gamer folks about.This Taiwanese man was playing League of Legends (LoL) for 23 hours straight in an internet cafe (or cybercafe), and no one was aware of his death till a couple of hours later.

As you can see, his whole body is frozen in a fixed position, with both hands apparently still holding on to the mouse and keyboard. There were around 30 other gamers around who were oblivious to his demise, each engrossed in their own games. Without pointing fingers at anyone, League of Legends Taiwan was having a 400% bonus IP event for a couple of days during the wee hours.

A pack of medicine related to heart attack was found in the deceased’s belongings. I urge everyone, be it you are healthy or currently suffering from some illness, to take appropriate breaks after a few room-based games or after a couple of hours of dungeon raiding.