MapleStory 2 – Development screenshot spotted

While going through a Japanese gaming website for news, I chanced upon the latest financial reports for Nexon. While it is indeed strange for a Korean-based company to have its full financial information on a Japanese website, 2 gems were discovered. Can you find them in the picture below?

MapleStory 2 development screenshot

Yes, the pictures actually shows what the studios under Nexon are working on, with Wizet showing a preview of MapleStory 2 and DevCat showing a new screenshot of Mabinogi 2. I know the resolution ain’t ideal, but hey, it is a find after all :) Other info in the picture shows how many staff each studio has, with the recently purchased Ndoors tops with 205 employees.

Financial wise, Nexon’s 2011 sales increased by 26% compared to 201, while revenue increased by a whopping 27%. Strangely, there is no mention of GameHi, another studio which Nexon acquired recently.