FlyFF 2 – Developer teases sequel to popular online game

Earlier this morning, Gala Lab, the development arm of Gala Net, revealed a teaser artwork for its next upcoming game, currently codenamed F2. This will be the 2nd title the company has released within the past few months, with the other being Eternal Blade. Given the feathers spotted, this is no doubt the true sequel to the popular FlyFF. According to the press release, F2 will have large-scale duel and PvP arenas, aerial combat, sieges and various types of PvP quests.


  1. no crazy powered “pay-to-win” game mechanics please…
    no overpriced CS please…

    $50 for wings… outrageous… 10hrs to lvl up at lvl 100… i still have 80 lvls to go!!! wth… they better fix it or for sure i wont be back…

  2. is this an update of flyff? or a new game? cuz if this is a new game, i cant afford to leave my char in flyff. i spend thousands of money in flyff.

  3. Интересно как это будет выглядеть? С сохранением баз пользователей или как параллельный проект

  4. To everyone doubting if this is true or not, it's official. 100% and at the end of the month they are recruiting CBT testers, also check at for details.

  5. Нет, Первая часть навеки В моем сердце :DDD да я и не думаю что Россия согласится на этот проэкт….Если одобрит нам пипец, точней ервой версии Т_Т….Интересно что будет с первой если будет вторая?!?

  6. Надеюсь Гала одумается и не даст локализовать мэйл ру этот проект.

  7. I hope the Gala-Net has learned the concept of specialization of each class, avoiding that even a magician can be more tanker than a knight or a class “Jack-of-all-trades” (named Billposter) can exceed everthing, every time, against everyone

    we ll see soon

  8. Tomorrow? What are they announcing tomorrow? :O
    I liked FlyFF, I'm guessing this sequel will have upgraded graphics and new features so that's exciting!

  9. Can anyone explain why the hell so many game devs make their characters wear skinny armor that gives almost no protection?
    Where's the logic behind that? The “tank” in the poster looks like he's wearing light armor and the rest of the bunch can be stabbed in any place of choosing (for chicks it might be a different kind of stabbing, if you know what I mean…).
    Either way, they look like they'd be the first to die in a battlefield. Shorts on a 2h warrior lol…

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