F.E.A.R.: Origin Online – 2nd trailer revealed

I always thought there is quite a huge fan base for this franchise, but apparently not many are getting excited about this upcoming online remake of the game. Perhaps it is because F.E.A.R.: Origin Online is currently slated for a Korean release only.


The trailer above shows some PvP action between 2 groups of 4, including the usage of mecha-like EPA (Elite Powered Armor) during battles. Fighting through the zombies, players will also have to escape the infested hospital.

For now, there are 3 modes announced: scenario (4 players co-op), fear (players begin as spirits, taking over NPCs and using them to fight against opposing team, unsure if opposing team will get this function as well) and finally, normal mode (maps such as team demolition and free-for-all).

F.E.A.R Online