Soul Worker – The ultimate manga MMORPG ?

One way or another, I missed this game when it was first announced back in August. Luckily, the first batch of actual screenshots were only released yesterday, so in a sense I did not missed out much.

This is Soul Worker, and at first glance, looks like the product of a Japanese developer. But hell no, this is from the land of online games itself, Korea.

Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot

The good thing about Soul Worker is the emphasis on action combat and hitting multiple enemies at once, similar to games like TERA and Dragon Nest. The left mouse click will be normal attack and the right click defense.

Players will then need to use skills and attack to chain up combos and air combos. Essentially a game based on instances, the developer is looking at how to make sure maps will be different when revisited to make sure the content does not get boring.

Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot

Other than this and the heavy Japanese anime art style, each character will be designated with his or her own weapon. The first 2 shown here are Hammerstol and Chainblade (they are not the characters’ name).

Hammerstol is a combination of hammer and a cannon blaster, whole Chainblade is pretty much self-explanatory. There will be various options for players to modify and customize their weapons in the future.

Soul Worker - Artwork Soul Worker - Artwork

In development are also a number of new characters currently missing from the roster (the last one seems to be a 2nd character wielding Chainblade), each wielding a different weapon and having different styles of attacks. Dual gunner ftw!

Soul Worker - Artwork Soul Worker - Artwork Soul Worker - Artwork Soul Worker - Artwork

Lion Games, the Korean development studio, took part in last month’s G*Star 2011 in the Business to Business area and apparently met with a number of publishers, including those from Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan.

Moreover, Lion Games hinted that the game might hit overseas markets first. Soul Worker Korea is scheduled for beta in 2012, with the official launch in 2013.

Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot Soul Worker - Screenshot


  1. If they said that it's similar to Dragon Nest and TERA then it cannot be like Rusty Hearts , at least the combat system. But i guess you're talking about graphics , maybe they do resemble each other since both of them aim to be anime/manga style.

  2. Am well there are male characters dude …..
    The one with the white hair and the tie looks epic and also the dude with the scythe.

  3. This game really pours on the style, but substance is just as important.
    Combat better be equally as stylish, as well as deep if it's gonna compete.

  4. “Dragon Nest and TERA”

    They are pretty different games, DN is a lobby game not a mmorpg while Tera is a full open world mmorpg. DN sucks after a while when u repeat the same istance dozen of times.

  5. @Reika
    I believe they are talking about the combat system and mechanics that's why they're mentioning these two , despite the fact that even though both have a crossfire , the fighting in both games differs.

  6. Yeah, when you say they, you mean cinderboy because this is his article. He writes everything here. (supposedly =V) It definitely reminds me a lot about Rusty Hearts, especially the scythe user cause there's a similar boy that also uses the scythe in Rusty Hearts. (He's in development right now)

    Well I hope the combat will be more fluid like DnF. That would just be perfect *_* Also another thing, the hammerstol is like the cannon user in Elsword (Who is a guy that is definitely a girl >_>) Chainblade is… Warhammer 40k XP

  7. Oh and I want to point out that even though Japan is known for manga/comics more so than Korea, don't underestimate the manhwa/comics they produce. A lot of them may be webcomics but they still attain a very high quality story. Love them so much *_* Though I admit the art style here is very Japanese, Mabinogi also went with this kind of route. (Though the game is quite old now so it looks crappy in comparison =V)

  8. Man, I just want a good instanced based 3D online RPG with combat comparable to Devil May Cry or Bayonetta. I'm talking about combat with tons of move and attack cancels for fast paced combo freedom.

  9. Read that open beta earliest was coming on Aug 2012 commercial release in 2013.Is there a place to get more info. Company doesn't have a site :X

  10. Ghetto had a interview with the creator awhile back and it seems the game has no gender lock.

  11. The Katana wielder is definitely a guy. The Scythe wielder is probably a REALLY bishounen guy or a tomboyish girl.

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