Neowiz Games announces new titles

Neowiz Games, one of the top 5 online gaming companies in Korea, held its own event earlier today called NOW 2011 and revealed several new titles which are in development. This comes just before G*Star 2011, where I am personally expecting an updated version of Rockman Online to be showcased. Let’s take a look at the major titles announced.

First off, there is Bless. Yeap, just Bless. Developed using the Unreal 3 Engine since 2009, Bless is Neowiz Games’ biggest and most ambitious title to date. The development team has around 150 staff, with veterans hailing from Aion, Lineage 2 and TERA among many other titles. The game’s theme is of a medieval European fantasy setting, with castle siege, aerial combat, mounted combat, naval combat all showcased in the trailer below.

Next, there is EIN: Epicus Incognitus. At the helm of this title will be a veteran who once headed 3 of the Kingdom Under Fire series of games including The Crusaders, Heroes and Circle of Doom. Not much in-game detail is known about EIN at this moment, with little info such as the game will be “beyond fantasy” with 2 opposing factions and an epic storyline.

The other 3 games including a third person shooter which was announced quite some time back, Dizzel, which will be hitting Open Beta soon. There is also a baseball and fishing game which I shall ignore, lol. Looks like Neowiz Games is really going to flex its muscle in the face of heavyweights such as ArcheAge and Blade & Soul hitting in 2012.