Monster Hunter Frontier (JP) – Benchmark client

(Benchmark download) So, Monster Hunter Frontier Japan will be having a huge update which will apparently change the game to “Monster Hunter Frontier 2”, adding in tons of new content, including monsters, areas, weapons, character actions and more. Seeing that it is a Pay to Play game, getting into the server is not really that easy.

Capcom and Japan’s biggest gaming website, 4Gamer, released a benchmark program which I thought I should share with you guys. I recorded the video, made using in-game graphics, which you can see above.

Do note that my final benchmark score is actually much higher (screenshot below), as taking the video ate up over half of my score points…Once again, the download link can be found here (link).

Monster Hunter Frontier, sadly, does not seem bound for the English market. The Korean server closed recently (link) and the publisher went as far as to declare never to publish a foreign title again. If you are having fits reading this, head on and try out a China-developed clone, Hunter Blade (link), which is available in English now.