F.E.A.R.: Origin Online – Debut trailer released

Back in September 2010, I first posted about the F.E.A.R. series of console and PC games going the online gaming direction. The popular horror franchise has since been in stealth mode, silently being developed by the guys over at Korean studio, Inplay Interactive. After 2 years, the game’s debut trailer is finally here! It is more of a teaser, with an actual gameplay trailer coming “soon”.


F.E.A.R.: Origin Online promises to have several PvE and PvP modes, with a few new ones not found in any other FPS titles. Teased in the trailer above will be the 4 players co-op mission mode.

The mobs’ high level AI is also one of the features touted as well. The co-op’s storyline is about having an internal revolt within the Armacham Technology Corporation, the company responsible for all the ongoing experiments.

F.E.A.R Online screenshot F.E.A.R Online screenshot

F.E.A.R.: Origin Online’s main storyline is based on F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin which was developed in 2009 by American developer Monolith. An enhanced Jupiter FX engine was used to create this online version as well.

Before I forget, expect tons of blood and gore. More information to be posted when available! If you are curious about the F.E.A.R. series of games, read up the wiki here (link).

F.E.A.R Online screenshot F.E.A.R Online screenshot