Analyst : Blizzard under pressure to unveil “Titan”

(Source) According to a VentureBeat article, Blizzard Entertainment, the developer for World of Warcraft, is currently under pressure to unveil its “next-gen” MMO, codenamed “Titan”, at BlizzCon 2011 held next month. Earlier this year, I posted about what “Titan” might actually be (link), so have a read. With Diablo III already announced to be delayed until early next year, will “Titan” actually be the showcase surprise at the October event? We shall see. The full article can be found at the source.

Blizzard Entertainment is under pressure to deliver something big before the end of the year, now that it has delayed Diablo 3 until 2012. It has plenty of options, but signs point to the company finally dropping details about its hotly-anticipated next online game, code-named “Titan.”

Blizzard is the developer behind World of Warcraft and it’s currently the dominant force in online. Its largest gaming event, Blizzcon, is coming up in Anaheim, Calif., in October, and is likely to be the site of major news announcements. That’s because Blizzard is now facing pressure from Electronic Arts, which threw down the gauntlet by announcing it would release its highly-anticipated online game Star Wars: The Old Republic in December this year.

“If they are holding any juicy details, it’s going to be announced at Blizzcon,” M2 Research senior analyst Billy Pidgeon told VentureBeat. “The big news is probably going to be a Diablo 3 date and a possible new announcement about one or more new properties.”

Titan will likely succeed — and possibly kill — the company’s most successful online game, World of Warcraft. That game is the last of a dying breed, a subscription-based online game with more than 11 million users that pay $15 each month to access the game.

Update: Blizzard has told IGN that there will be no announcement of any new MMOs.