Sura Online – New trailers and information

Well, Trailer 2 (HD) isn’t really that new being a few months old, but I only saw it earlier today. Sura Online is the maiden title from Korean developer NSE Entertainment (previously known as Tempest9) and the game design is heavily influenced by the Eastern fantasy. So far, 2 races and 6 classes (3 each) has been confirmed.


It is hard for me to translate either of the races, but in Trailer 2 (HD) the Xian Ren (Deity) race is shown while the Yao Pan is presented in Trailer 3. The game is expected to go into Closed Beta later this year. How does it look to you so far?



  1. The animation looks extremely fluid, but I'm just not feeling the isometric design. Feels antiquated, in the bad way. 🙁

    The tone of the game seems fairly dark, but the pandering renders of the female character completely breaks that immersion.
    Its hard for me to take the game seriously when its characters undulate like they have crickets in their underpants.

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