[ChinaJoy 2011] Preview – Planet Legend Online

Planet Legend Online is actually not developed by a China company, but rather by a Taiwanese one. The game had been to various conventions in the past, including Tokyo Game Show and G*Star. This time round, the game is ready and the developer, International Games System, is ready to start looking for overseas publishing partners.

Planet Legend Online is a action 3D side-scroller MMO as you can see from the trailer above, but there is something quite different as well. Paying homage to Metal Slug, there is actually an option for ranged classes to face the “up” direction and attack. All the skills are colorful and full of impact as well, with the combat system giving players a definite adrenaline rush. Did you see Weapon X being used in the trailer as well?

While I know the game is focused on fun and combat, the facial expression of each character classes seems to be the same =.= More classes, modes and features are in development and IGS is currently scheduling a beta test period at the end of the year (subjected to change). This game does look promising to me, I hope there will be some social features though.