[ChinaJoy 2011] Black Gold Online – Game preview Part 2

As mentioned in my previous post, Black Gold Online is a new steampunk MMORPG developed by Russian studio Mental Games and China’s Snail Game (Age of Wulin fame).

I was surfing around the internet on my daily routine when I realized I did not pay a visit to Mental Games’ website. True enough, there were more accurate details there.


Excerpt: The game story starts in an interesting and unusual world full of adventures. In this world there exists a special resource, which is called “Black Gold”. This resource doesn’t only give power to steam engines, but also to the shamans and casters for magical use. From the “Black Gold” one can make a “Black Steam” – which combines the energy of steam and magic.

Black Gold Online

This world consists of Erlandir and Eisenhorst lands, which are separated by a Great Mountain Chain. Due to this mountain chain – the sun shines only on the Eastern part of the lands, that’s why Erlandir is always lit with sun, while Eisenhorst is in a never ending darkness.

The rich sunlight on Erlandir gave birth to lots of elements under the land. These elements accumulated for centuries finally forming a magical resource – “Black Gold”.

Humans, Koshs and Brutes, which inhabit Erlandir always filled themselves with magic and energies of “Black Gold”. Their life totally depended on that resource.

Black Gold Online

In Eisenhorst, Dwarves, Humans and Vampires, which immigrated from Erlandir formed a Steam Alliance. For their prosperity and creation of civilization they used steam technologies invented by Dwarves. However in result of war and overproduction, the coal they used to power their steam machines started to disappear rapidly.

At this moment, the ambitious leader of the Steam Alliance – king Beltain the Second formed a great army to conquer Erlandir for the “Black Gold” as it was much more efficient than coal.

This is the moment, when the player enters the world and starts to build his own history. He should decide which side he wants to support and who should rule the world.

Black Gold Online

Game features:

– Victorian Steam punk versus Fantasy world
– Unique races: Koshs, Brutes, Vampires
– Unique classes: Mechwarrior, Inquisitor, Mystic, Techno adept, Werewolf, Alchemist, Witcher
– Picturesque world full of adventures
– Fight goes on over a special resource – “Black Gold”
– Ability to build a Steam Fortress

Black Gold Online Black Gold Online


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