Final Combat – Looking suspiciously familiar

Final Combat is a new online shooter developed by China company. Xunlei (well known for its download manager software). Revealed under Xunlei Games, the game is apparently led by Troy Horton who was involved in developing Tomb Raider III back in the days.


As the website boasts, there are development staff who worked in EA, Ubisoft and even Blizzard before. The only class revealed so far is The Rocket. But why does it look so familiar given the amount of said talent working on this game… Hmn…

Xunlei Games posted that Final Combat will be bringing “new” elements of play into the online shooter genre, with each class clearly specified and restricted to certain weapons and with specific roles to fulfill. This will be different from all online shooters which lets players have a free reign of weapon choices.


For example, different classes will be able to hold different weapons, will have different amount of health points, some will move faster and so on. A thing to note, “that game” which you are thinking about is not exactly a full fledged online shooter, so there might be some truths in the above statements…



  1. its kinda looks similar to that Brawl Busters game you posted earlier.
    I still don't get whit so new about those “new” elements. its hard to stomach that this game is being developed by the said crew, or are those guys taking their time out?

  2. Uhhh…. what. It is even using the same FONTS and kill announcements as Team Fortress 2. Do people have no shame?

  3. lol Soldier from Team fortress 2 looks we will see Heavy look at that logo at the end of the video

  4. China is know to copy everything they have no shame in the first place to begin with… if you cant beat them join them its their motto.

  5. I'm simply disgusted. “New elements” my ass. Its almost a straight port. There are a few MINOR modifications, but hell they even stole the exact rocket launcher model. Couldn't they be bothered to at LEAST change the skin? And further more, why hasn't Valve done anything about this? They are obviously using their content, probably without credit or consent.

  6. @trakmiro

    Because it's China. Many companies have attempted to sue Chinese game developers over copyright infringement, but the Chinese government is also in favor of (you guessed it) the Chinese.

  7. @trakmiro

    Many companies have tried to sue Chinese game developers over copyright infringement, but the Chinese government is all in favor of the Chinese companies.

    They believe that copyright infringment laws should only be used as guidelines and not actual laws.

  8. If anyone has seen the Fatman FC video, you may notice that he uses the EXACT, AND I'M NOT LYING, EXACT model of the Kukri (The TF2 Sniper's Default Melee).

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