Project R1 – IMC Games took notice

Hmn, I am actually feeling quite happy as I type this. As most of you would have known, I covered 2 posts so far on IMC Games’ upcoming MMO, Project R1. It is spearheaded by the company’s CEO and creator of Ragnarok Online/ Granado Esapda, Mr Hakkyu Kim.

Project R1 mention

I am honored to have my previous translated interview covered by the PR team over at IMC Games (click here)! And yes, what you are seeing above is an actual in-game screenshot of Project R1! I think I have never said this before, when Grando Espada launched over here, he actually came down to sign the collector’s edition and coincidentally, I was part of the volunteer crew setting up for the event.

Project R1 screenshot

I got his signature of course. Having played Ragnarok Online fervently for over 4 years and over 2 years in Granado Espada, I really can’t wait to see what Project R1 will have to offer!

Project R1 poster