[Hangame eX 2011] Kritika – All in the name

The only action-based MMO in Hangame eX 2011, much of the attention had been on this game as it apparently won a design award during its development phase. Why did the post title stated the term “All in the name”? Well, Kritika is actually the supposed combination of 2 English words, “Critical” and “Attack”. In this short interview the Korean media had with the development studio, allm, we find out more about the game’s systems.


Q: When Lunia was in development, the target was to “conquer the universe”. Is the same concept used for Kritika as well?

The development team for Lunia was really called “Conquer the Universe”. Thinking back, it was kind of immature on our part, but it was really our aim. Through developing Lunia, we learn invaluable lessons and used the experience we had as the foundation for developing Kritika into a better game.

Q: Kritika’s main selling point will be its over the edge and stylish action. Will it be a problem if players see the exaggerated combat as being childish?

We thought about what the players really want during the development process. Rather than complicated systems, what players want is actually quick and fast combat within a short period of time. In order to boost the action combat sequence, a more cartoony approach was taken for Kritika. However, we did not use the same concept for the whole game as it will really look very childish!

Q: Kritika adopts the auto-target system for combat. Although convenient, it does have its own problems which will worry players.

In a fast paced game, it will be a torture for players having to aim at the targets accurately before a blow can be struck. Hence, the auto target system was utilized. Basically, it will choose the nearest mob within the character’s view, while the range of attacks will depend on the skills.


Q: There are currently 2 character classes introduced which are both melee oriented. Will there be ranged classes such as a magician?

There will be, but it will most probably just a plain magician class. It might be a magician class wielding a gun, a combination within one character. As an action game, players will be curious to find out how the experience differs between ranged and melee characters. We are using the Gears of War series’ combat experience as a reference for our ranged classes. In our development team, there are those who used to be professional MMOFPS players as well which will impart their experiences into developing the classes.

Q: Other than the action combat, what other features does Kritika has to offer?

Through developing Lunia, we picked up various lessons and experience which will be implemented on Kritika. At every character level, there will be a different target for players to hit. There will be a heavy RPG element found as well, with us taking in suggestions and feedback from players once testing starts to improve the game.

Q: From the trailer, it seems that some attacks are not chained properly together. Is this the same in the actual game?

No, that will not be the case. The trailer was actually made in a rush, hence some areas which are not polished.

Q: Now that the game has been revealed, how are you feeling right now?

It actually feels like marrying a daughter away! A bit of happiness, a bit of excitement and we will like to thank Hangame for this opportunity. Please stay tuned for more information about Kritika!

Kritika screenshot