Blade & Soul – Korean Open Beta expected by summer 2012

As the dust settled on probably one of the most followed gaming news in China, more details were revealed about the expected release date for Blade & Soul in the region.

When asked by reporters about the issue, NCsoft officials replied that the time gap between the Korean and China server will be similar to that for Aion, which is around 5 months’ gap. The officials are also optimistic about the Korean server going into the Open Beta phase by this year if everything goes well.

Blade & Soul China media conference

However, the China gamers themselves were not so positive about the deal. In a poll held by popular website Sina, 74.8% of the votes were against Tencent Games from acquiring Blade & Soul. In another poll, 47.9% of the voters preferred Netease to have gotten the game’s publishing rights.

Netease is the 2nd biggest online gaming company in China, having gotten the rights to publish Blizzard Entertainment’s games in the country including World of Warcraft. Some comments were rather negative, with voters urging Tencent Games to sign TERA as well and let all the “Big 3″ titles die out.

Blade & Soul China media conference