Blade & Soul – Closed Beta 2 starts in August

The first Closed Beta phase for NCsoft’s upcoming mega MMO, Blade & Soul, ended just a few hours ago. According to an official announcement by NCsoft, the next phase will happen later this year in August. The announcement also revealed that the new Assassin class will be playable alongside all the other classes in Closed Beta 2.

There are currently rumors floating around the Korean community that a gunner class will be revealed soon. The character can actually be seen in one of the previous videos. There is currently no specific date set yet for Closed Beta 2.

Blade & Soul - Assassin class

Over at my YouTube channel, I have uploaded various videos found on the Internet. As far as I am concerned, I am refraining myself from posting storyline content footage in order not to spoil the game.

Well, I did uploaded one storyline footage in the form of the prologue, but that is all. So head over to my YouTube channel for some sneak peeks!