Blade & Soul – A small interview

As most of you probably know by now, China is the 3rd region (after Korea and Taiwan) to get a localized server for NCsoft’s Blade & Soul. After the official press announcement and contract signing ceremony by Tencent Games, the Chinese media was given a chance to interview the game’s development team.

Some questions were already asked before, but I will be posting them anyway. Note that I only chose the more important ones to translate. Have a read!

Blade & Soul China event

Q: Other than scenery and background art with references from areas in Korea, will there be more locations based on China? We heard that the development team visited Hong Kong for research as well.

Blade & Soul will definitely include scenery from other countries other than Korea. China is the birth place of martial arts, it is not possible for us to miss this country out. We actually spent more time in Mainland China compared with Hong Kong.

Q: Can you briefly introduce to ask the Qing Gong (walking on water, tree tops etc) system?

After learning this skill, players will be able to scale walls by moving at a fast speed. Every race in the game will be able to access this skill, but it is limited by level. We will be implementing more functions to this feature in the future, including the casting of skills when using Qing Gong in the air to add a new dimension of combat to the game and make players feel like they are real martial arts pugilists as well.


Q: According to the Korean media, Blade & Soul is more of a game where players focus more on their individual characters, hence lacking the community part of having players getting together as a big group. As the China players do prefer partying up in online games, what is your view on this topic?

While Blade & Soul does indeed focus on individual character’s growth more, we have also noticed the need for community bonding within the game. We are hence implementing more group quests, which are impossible to complete alone, for players to party up and promote more community interaction.

Blade & Soul does not have the typical healer or tank classes, hence players will need to make the effort to coordinate themselves into an effective party. As there is no traditional healing class, players in a party regain their health through the skill, Meditation. If more people within a party meditates together, the health points regeneration will be faster.

Q: How many classes will Blade & Soul have?

A: There are 6 classes confirmed now, but the schedule for releasing the new ones is still currently not confirmed.