The Heaven of Three Kingdoms – Furore over new features

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[Teaser site] Hanbitsoft’s latest war themed MMORPG, The Heaven of Three Kingdom, is sparking a debate amongst netizens just a few weeks’ shy from its Open Beta on 22nd Feb. The root of this ongoing controversy boils down to 2 new features – The “anti” stamina system and the experience trading system.

In most current games, the stamina system is seen as a bane, where players no longer enjoy 100% benefits or even play when the stamina point reaches zero. However, The Heaven of Three Kingdoms’s “anti” stamina system gives players more EXP and bonuses the longer they play.
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The second system will be the ability to trade experience points with other players, just like any normal item trade. When pressed on these issues, a spokesperson simply replied that the game aims to be different from others.