TERA nabs 50,000 players and counting

According to ThisIsGame.com, TERA Korea, developed by Bluehole Studio and published by NHN, has announced that the first 10 servers are already full. This is part of the pre-Open Beta registration plan where players can only create one character on the server of their choice. The players will also be able to choose the race and class, hence being able to play right away on 11th January without the hassle of customizing their characters on the same day.

However, NHN stressed that there will be enough servers to accommodate everyone for Open Beta. Do note that the game will be Pay to Play after Open Beta ends. Wow, even if 50,000 is not the final number of paying gamers, it is still an amazing feat. I wonder how will the North American and European servers perform..

Update: Well, more servers got filled up… The grey colored one are all full with a maximum of 5,000 characters each.