MapleStory: Chaos interview

While the MapleStory community from all over the world and from different versions rub their hands in glee at the prospect of PvP and many more new content in the upcoming Chaos patch, This Is Game, Korea’s  premier gaming website, sat down with one of the main developers, also known as “sha-zam-nim” if you watch Korean dramas, (and host of the press conference) and find out Nexon’s ambitions for MapleStory with the Chaos update. Do note that this interview is translated.

Q: How satisfied are you with the Big Bang expansion?

A: As a long-term online game, it is inevitable MapleStory will eventually lose a number of players over time. We wanted to change this, hence the Big Bang patch happened. We are glad the update is very well received.
While the patch brought a Korean gaming record of over 400,000 players online at the same time, the main aim was still to bring back the players and attract new ones.

Q: Why is the Dual Blade back?

A: When Dual Blade was introduced into the server (Korean) back in March, it was very popular with the players. As the character was time-limited for creation, players wanted it to be reinstated. Hence, after hearing the players’ opinion, Dual Blade is now back.

Q: Which update was harder to work on, Big Bang or Chaos?

A: Both are equally hard, I have had not much rest since last year as I was worried if the updates will bring about the desired results and effect. It was more stressful to work on Chaos, as Big Bang was very successful and we fear that if the Chaos update wasn’t up to par, players will leave the game again. However, with even more resources added into Chaos, we are confident the patch will work out fine.

Q: PvP is only added after MapleStory has been online for over 7 years. Is it too late?

A: Yes, it is indeed a long time for 7 years. We had been thinking about adding this content, and with PvP-centric games now in mainstream, we feel that it is the right time to add in this feature.

Q: What is the main difference between crafted equipments and those dropped from monsters?

A: The main difference will be the stats, and we have also added many more equipments and items with the Chaos patch.

Q: Ever thought of a housing feature for MapleStory?

A: Yes, we did have this idea. However, will players like this system? From our view, we feel that players are not too interested in such a feature now, so this idea will be on hold for now.

Q: With Big Bang attracting more than 400,00 players, how many players are you aiming for Chaos?

A: I am always asked this question! I feel that 250,000 is a logical number. Of course I will love to break Big Bang’s record, but with many good games and updates out during the Winter season, it will be hard to break the record.