GunZ 2: The Second Duel – Game scheduled for 2nd half 2011

Maiet Entertainment, developer for the now-classic MMO, GunZ the Duel, has officially announced that GunZ 2 will hit the Korean market in the 2nd half of 2011. The game will boost a revolutionary physics system, with much more PvE content (like giant sized bosses) to be added. Players will also get to create their very own stylish moves! For a preview of the mentioned giant bosses, have a look at the screenshot below :)

GunZ 2 screenshot

Actions will include wall scaling, corner-stepping (escape when cornered), pillar climbing and players are also able to use the different terrains to their advantage in their quest for survival. As you can see below, there will be 6 different classes, 3 for each gender. They will have different roles to play with their unique abilities. CJ  Internet will be the publisher for Korea.

GunZ character artwork

Update: These are apparently the first screenshots of the game… Well, I might be wrong, but these are the first I have seen personally :)

GunZ screenshot GunZ screenshot GunZ screenshot


  1. Hell yea! I haven't played GunZ 1 in forever and I don't think ill ever go back to it, but I'm pretty hype for this. Gonna keep my eye out for this one for sure.

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