[TGS 2010] X.A.O.C – New game trailer revealed in Tokyo

Tokyo Game Show 2010 started earlier today, and Taiwanese developer, Winking, has revealed a new trailer for its upcoming MMORPG, XAOC. If you have not read, I have briefly introduced the game a few months back.


Some new features have since been revealed: Each character will be able to wield 3 weapons, each representing “Attack”, “Speed” and “Break”. Different situations calls for different combinations of weapons to be used (2 weapons), so it is up to players to plan their attacks properly!

XAOC screenshot

The aim for this system is to break away from the traditional “attack + defense values” design mindset. However, the most intriguing feature will be the ability to stun monsters using voice command through a mic, which I have already mentioned in my previous post. XAOC is aiming to be released in 2011.

XAOC screenshot


  1. That… doesn't look bad actually! Actual active battle system is a huge plus, and the graphics aren't horrible either.

    I'm not sure how I feel about shouting all the time while playing, though!

  2. Like u said that certainly intriguing feature, i'm all fired up to try it out actually 🙂
    In the future i wish u could use not only stun but everything else using special voice codes like… “skill 10” and it uses skill in the 10th slot… damn that would be so kick ass. Another step to bring about virtual reality.

    Ah damn… i guess i wish too much for this age we live in atm…

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