Core Blaze – 2 new gameplay trailers revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2010

After teasing the Tokyo Game Show crowd with a CG trailer on the first day of the event, Taiwanese MMO bigwig, Gamania, has released actual ingame footages for Core Blaze, its upcoming action MMORPG developed using Unreal Engine 3.


When interviewed, the development team emphasized that Core Blaze aims to bring the thrill and excitement found in various console games online. The game will also allow players to make decisions which will affect the world as a whole, thus players will encounter very different scenarios compared to other players as they progress through the game.

Core Blaze screenshot

4 weapons were also revealed: Double Sword, Great Sword, Sword Shield and Bow. There will be 4 more choices which will be announced at a later date. There will be no restrictions in wielding the different types of weapons and players must equip them according to the situation.


Another main feature will be the dynamic boss battles, where each boss are designed to intimidate players at the first sight. The AI function for bosses is still being worked on currently. An interesting note, the weather, timing and various environmental situations will cause bosses to “behave” differently.

Core Blaze screenshot

There will also be a Facebook ranking in the future once players have killed at least 20 bosses. It is said that this function will collect data from all the different servers around the globe. Players can also trek back to previously completed instances to find new routes being opened.

Core Blaze screenshot


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