John Woo’s new movie MMO bound

If you are an avid movie fan, with not much preference of genres, you should at least seen or heard of director John Woo (above, extreme right). His Hollywood movies include Broken Arrow, Hard Target, Face/Off and Mission Impossible 2 among many others. He also played a part in the 2007 hit game, Stranglehold. This time round, John Woo is back to his Asian roots with a martial arts movie, translated directly as Sword Rain. Well, here comes the main subject: A MMORPG, which should be named as Sword Rain Online, is also in development alongside the movie.

Sword Rain Online will be developed by Taiwanese MMO developer and publisher, Gamania. The company has also developed the recently announced Hero: 108 Online. Looks like Gamania is stepping up their efforts to make their presence felt in the English MMO market. While information is short on the game at this time, Gamania did mention that the storyline will follow very closely to that of the movie’s.

Both the movie and MMORPG are expected to be released at the same time sometime this Autumn. Stay tuned for more news.