Forsaken World – Dual instance system in development

What does the dual instance system means? Allow me to explain. In plain layman terms, it means there will be an entrance to another instance right after you complete one. The entrance is hidden, and players will have to find clues and follow leads to find it. The first instance to feature this will be called (roughly translated) Ancestral Tomb Outskirts. Below are the first few bosses you can find in the first part of this unique dual instance system.

The Soul Striker will be the first boss players encounter in this instance. Its main ability will be its heavy attacks and skills which causes bleeding. A well-organized group will have no difficulty taking him down.

The Soul Commander features a better set of AI compared to Soul Striker, as it will attack players unknowingly (like an assassin). Its the players’ job to lure him out to the open!

The Bone Tyrannosaurus’ main feature will be its tough defense and ability to reflect damage. And you thought DPS characters are safe from a distance! With various AOE skills, stun and Damage over Time (DoT) skills… Players beware!

The Gobbler might look ugly, but don’t be fooled by it! Its main ability will be its AOE poison clouds, and when its HP is lowered to an extent, minions will be summoned to aid the battle!

The Tomb Guardian (no picture) will be the final boss. It does not only have the AOE poison cloud, but an AOE paralyze cloud too! As a mage type boss, it can also summon powers of the elements to deal massive AOE damage to everyone! Defeat the Tomb Guardian and a clue will be given on locating the portal to the connected instance.