[E3 2010] Swordsman Online – Perfect World announces new title

Yeap, Swordsman Online (or Swordman Online from the Chinese trailers), which was just revealed back in China a few weeks ago, has been re-revealed at this year’s E3 convention. This will no doubt indicate that the game will also see light in the English market.

I am quite surprised by this announcement, as I was secretly speculating that Fantasy Jade Dynasty will be showcased instead. But still, its personal joy as the game will no doubt introduce one of the most beloved Chinese martial arts novels to the Western audience.

Swordsman Online - E3 2010 press release

Do note that Swordsman Online (the China server) will only go Closed Beta at the end of this year (scheduled), while Open Beta is planned for somewhere in 2011. Simultaneously, a big scale movie/ drama series which Perfect World invested in with the same title (笑傲江湖) will also be released.

Till date, no official details have been made for the cast, which is quite worrying with a 2011 release date. The only rumor so far is that Asian pop and R&B sensation, Jay Chou, had been offered a role. Jay Chou will also be seen as Kato in the upcoming The Green Hornet film.