Dizzel – Neowiz Games’s new third person online shooter

Dizzel is the latest MMOTPS from Korea, developed by Neowiz. Neowiz itself was formed by former Nexon staff, having also made MMOs like SF Special Force,Crossfire and A.V.A.

Using their prior knowledge in this genre, Neowiz aims to build on all 3 previous games and improvise them in Dizzel. A foriegn gaming website had a short interview with Neowiz’s Team Storm, which was in-charge over the development of Dizzel.

Dizzel poster

Q: Hi, and kindly introduce yourself to the players.
A: Hi all, I am Pu Shi Jun, the planner staff from Team Storm.

Q: Please briefly introduce to us about your new MMO, Dizzel.
A: Dizzel is a MMOTPS, a 3rd person view shooting game. Using the 3rd person view system, players can clearly see what is going on around them.

Dizzel screenshot

Q: The name Dizzel sounds flammable, its a really special name.
A: Yes, as you might have guessed, the name derived from the word “diesel”. We want to leave a memorable impact regarding the game’s name and unique play style in players’ mind.

Q: The game plays quite differently from other TPS/FPS found in the market. Can you explain ?
A: Our team decided to slow down the pace of the typical “Rambo” style of gameplay, in which everything moves so fast. We added a touch of realism into Dizzel, hence rushing into bases “Rambo” style might not be the best strategy to take. We would say this game focus more on explosive close-range combat, even with all the guns.

Dizzel screenshot

Q: After taking a thorough look of the game, it seems very similar to many of the console games out in the market.
A: Other than the static features found in other games, Dizzel also improvised on character dodging, taking cover feature and the flexible use of the 3rd person view system.

Q: When will the Closed Beta start ?
A: It will begin from 15th December to 21st December.

Dizzel screenshot