WE Online

From the makers of Scions of Fate (Yulgang Online) after 3 years of development comes a brand new MMORPG, WE Online. WE actually stands for West and East, so its basically a game setting where both cultures clash, pretty much like the Chinese and European race found in Silkroad Online. The interesting feature about this game ? There will be no specific classes for players to choose from, which is still a rarity in most MMOS today.

So how will this feature work ? Players will have to get equipments from mobs, quests etc, and team up or solo harder mobs to get better drops, simple as that. You will be whatever you equip, and whatever skills you learn. Restrictions to wear certain equipments include Honor Points system and another system call the Reliability system. In short, if you meet the requirements, you can be a jack of all trades ~!

Of course, there will be small scale and large scale wars between the 2 races, including a weekly racial war. This is where the Honor Points system comes in.

The game is currently in Closed Beta 3 as of 10th June 2010. More screenshots can be seen here.

In March, several top Korean actors and singers were also roped in to compile a OST for the game. As far as my knowledge of the Korean entertainment circuit goes, some of them are really A-listers in the industry! Talk about splashing the dollars!