TERA – Snake Isle & Vampire Hill

Over the past 2 weeks, the official Korean website for TERA has revealed 2 new areas to the players. They are named Snake Island and Vampire Hill.

The original inhabitants of Snake Island stayed in on the main continent and are loyal worshipers of the god Dakun, and they possess war strength similar to that of tribal barbarians. Due to the Giant race’s invasion, the inhabitants were forced to move deep south of the continent. Dakun also fell during the great Gods War and was sealed in Snake Island. Escaping the wrath of the gods, the worshipers fled, eventually landing on Snake Island where their god was sealed. Since then, they have been living on the island, waiting for the day of their god’s revival.

The Vampire race was originally created by one of the gods, and each vampire excelled in using blood magic. Due to their lust for mystical powers, the Vampire race started a war with another magical race. Their act angered one of the elder gods, and suing a powerful curse, removed all blood magic abilities from the Vampire race. Now, the Vampires will have to consume blood not for power, but in order to survive. The other races congregated and chased the Vampires away, leading them to seek refuge on a small, desolated hill. In order to seek revenge, the Vampires started experimenting on ways to regain their blood magic, killing all living things around the hill as test subjects.