Project C

Winking Entertainment, the China/Taiwan company, best known in SEA currently for its DnF ripoff, Battle of Destiny, is intending to hit the 2010 F2P MMORPG market with a huge bang. Project C is just one of the company’s current MMO project, with another MMO titled Heroine Anthem in the works. Not much is known about the games, so stay tune.

Here’s the latest trailer for Project C, fresh from Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2009.

Some stills from the trailer.


  1. Skimpy clothes galore! Project 9 and Project C are pretty much complete inverse in concepts 🙂

    I kinda like the animations and the environments aren't half-bad either (Though a bit dark in all those night scenes). It's not exactly on my “must-play” list but I won't look the other way when there's information written about the game!

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