Mabinogi 2

Yes, Mabinogi 2. I wonder how many of you have heard of the sequel to Mabinogi, but for those who hadn’t, here the first piece of news. Many must be surprised that Mabinogi Heroes isn’t exactly the sequel of the hit F2P MMORPG eh ? So what’s new in Mabinogi 2 ? When is it out ?
Ok, here’s the truth. The game is still currently in the early stages of development, and DevCat/Nexon is still actively recruiting for this project, so don’t have your hopes up for any spoilers anytime soon. What about the other Mabinogi games ?

Let’s start with Mabinogi. The game is doing very well in Korea since it went F2P (yes it was once P2P), and the developers have no intentions of stopping updates for the game. So, the game is still very much alive in Korea and USA.

Mabinogi Xbox360. Yes, there was an announcement which reported that Mabinogi will be ported to Xbox360, in which PC users and Xbox users will be able to interact with each other. However, due to new technologies and Microsoft’s seemingly cold stance towards a F2P MMO on its console system, the project has been stopped mutually till further notice. Most websites are blaming Microsoft’s reluctance to cooperate more into the project to make it workable.
What about Mabinogi Heroes ? Not much news, except that Open Beta in Korea has been pushed back somewhere this month. And once again, Heroes is not a direct sequel to the first Mabinogi.