Dragonica – Zodiac Armors

Here are the Zodiac Armors for Dragonica Online. For fans of Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac, you will be able to recognize the armors immediately. Based on the 12 horoscopes, these armors look really, really good. Initially, the armor will be in its Silver form. Let me explain this in detail, but do note that I am basing the system off the Chinese server, the English servers might change it.

Don’t look down on the armors even though they are just costumes, they actually have base stats added~! Like the one below (left picture), it adds 7 Int, 15 Vit and 7 Agi~! Imagine if you have a full set with similar stats…

The armor’s original form will be in Silver. By merging 2 Silver pieces, for example Silver Taurus shoulder piece and Silver Gemini shoulder piece, you will get a random Black shoulder piece, maybe a Black Leo shoulder piece. The horoscope for the merging pieces should not be the same, while the equipment part must be the same. By merging 2 Black pieces (picture above, right) players can either get another Black piece or if lucky enough, a Gold piece.

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